About Us

SR 24X7 Packaged Drinking Water is a symbol of trust, goodness and purity. We have been a household name for years and a leader in water supply in our location. Our efforts have won us the trust and the tag of being one of the best suppliers of packaged drinking water or mineral water. We stand true to our promise to deliver goodness and purity so that we can protect your health and well-being.

We also care about society and the environment. Therefore, as a part of our social responsibility, we make a conscious effort to keep the environment and our surrounding clean, healthy and safe. Giving back to the environment and the community is one of our constant endeavors. We have adopted several initiatives to protect the environment, plastic recycling is one of them.

To quench your thirst at once, our promise of purity comes in various sizes ranging from a 300ml pet bottle to a 20-litre pet jar. Our bottles and jars are perfect for personal, household, commercial and corporate use and also a perfect fit for parties and picnics. Our 300 ml pet bottles are your new and closest best friend while you are on the go.

Your health being our top priority, every drop is clinically tested so that it delivers pure, safe and healthy drinking water at all times.