2 lt Pet Bottle

2-litre pet bottles are perfect for small groups and for a short trip. It is easy to carry and ensures that you stay hydrated on the go.

Trusted by millions, SR 24X7 Packaged Drinking Water undergoes rigorous tests to ensure purity and goodness. Each drop guarantees health and hygiene. Every bottle goes under rigorous tests to maintain the required level of minerals. Our plastics are also checked to ensure quality and to eliminate any signs of impurity. We guarantee 99.9% purity and 99.9% clean and fresh water. Our water sources are tested before it is treated and sealed for usage. Rigorous tests and treatment eliminates impurities and ensures that minerals, micro-organisms and the concentration of ozone is within the permissible limit. These processes have helped us confirm the health of our consumers and have been able to gain their trusts.