20 litre Pet Jar

Our 20 litre Pet Jar ensures that you have clean and pure water available at all times. It is perfect for household requirements and offices.

20 litre Pet Jars are a value for money and maintain the required levels of purity, minerals, cleanliness and hygiene. The water is clinically tested for chemical, sensorial, and microbiological properties. Our tests also include tests for taste and colour for water, the concentration of ozone, the efficiency of activated carbon, and minerals. Several tests are conducted to check the purity of the plastic along with testing its strength, capacity and more. We also control and monitor the micro-organisms in empty containers. SR 24X7 Packaged Drinking Water is ISO and fssai certified, which monitors the quality and purity of the water. With several tests and a quality-enhancing process, we promise and guarantee purity and health in every drop.